Space Station Commander Answers The Ultimate Question About Astronaut Farts

When you’ve ever puzzled if farts had been sturdy sufficient to propel you in space, you’re now not by myself.  

And that query has now been responded by means of any individual who would know: retired U.S. astronaut Terry Virts, who has served as commander of the International Space Station and pilot of the gap travel Endeavour all through his two journeys into area. 

The dangerous information?

Smartly ― they aren’t. Sorry.  

The dialog began, innocently sufficient, with a tweet by means of astrophysicist Katie Mack at the plot tool of magnetic boots to be used in zero-gravity eventualities:

That led one Twitter person to invite about in a different way of floating round in area:  

The problem has arise for air earlier than. In a 2017 interview with Gizmodo, travel astronaut Mike Massimino used to be requested about the opportunity of being propelled by means of area farts and sneezes. 

″[I]f you’re truly nonetheless and gave a excellent sneeze, that will come up with slightly kick, sure,” he stated. However being propelled by means of farts is “easier said than done.”

He added that the larger factor with farts used to be now not propulsion however the deficient airflow in a spacecraft, which reasons the odor to “more or less hang around.” 


However a minimum of it’s higher than Uranus. Jokes in regards to the title apart, a learn about closing yr discovered the ambience used to be filled with hydrogen sulfide, the similar compound that provides farts and rotten eggs that distinct smell.

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