In Post-Blast Sri Lanka, Muslim Authors Struggle To Write Amidst Trauma

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Relations mourn beside the coffin of a sufferer of an anti-Muslim riots all the way through a burial rite in a Muslim cemetery in Nattandiya on Would possibly 14, 2019.

The ache in SLM Hanifa’s voice is unmistakable as he speaks of the bomb blasts that drove a recent nail into the delicate peace that Sri Lanka have been slowly development. The 74-year-old quick tale author from Batticaloa within the nation’s japanese province remains to be suffering to come back to phrases with the bomb blasts on Easter Sunday, which killed over 250 people and for which ISIS has taken responsibility.

“I think my creativity died with it,” he says.

The assaults, which took place precisely a decade after the top of the bloody civil struggle that left a gaping wound at the island nation’s psyche, have unsettled the lakhs of Muslims residing in Sri Lanka. Previous this week, mobs attacked mosques and destroyed properties and stores owned through Muslims in Kurunegala, a Sinhala-Buddhist-majority district.

Writers from the neighborhood are working underneath a kind of double burden—now not best are they residing in concern of violence, they’re additionally suffering to know how to reply to the mistrust and hostility thru their paintings.

“We couldn’t write our reports all the way through the struggle, and now we will be able to’t write our reports all the way through the peace,” stated Hanifa.

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SLM Hanifa

Till the civil struggle broke out, Islamic Tamil literature in large part skewed against devotional explorations. Because the ethnic war raged, Muslims was increasingly alienated from the Tamil neighborhood, although they spoke the similar language.

“The Muslims needed to write past non secular texts on account of converting instances and owing to variations between the ethnic communities. After Muslims had been evacuated from the North, this concept of Muslim literature grew in power. From the center of the 1990s thru 2000s, Muslim Tamil literature was a wave,” stated Anar (Issath Rehana Azeem), a author based totally in Sainthamaruthu within the Jap province.

After this, she stated, a number of younger Muslims, particularly girls poets, made ambitious contributions to the rustic’s literature.

Despite the fact that Muslims within the nation write in Tamil, their literature, which frequently highlights the neighborhood’s fears, worries and issues, has been labeled as ‘Sri Lankan Muslim literature’, distinct from Tamil writing.

“Fashionable Islamic Tamil literature as a definite facet dates again to 1960s, however to me, it’s the literature that offers with non secular ideals, like Bhakthi or Shaiva literature. However in Sri Lanka, Muslim writers maintain common topics too and feature come to be recognized as ‘Muslim’ writers not like, say, in Tamil Nadu,” stated MA Nuhman, senior author and critic.

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MA Nuhman

Writers akin to Hanifa, Anar and Sharmila Seyyid have, till now, fearlessly spoke back to the constrictive political and social local weather within the nation and their neighborhood. Seyyid has at once faced fundamentalist concepts in her works, together with poetry (her collections come with Siragu Mulaitha PennThe Girl Who Sprouted Wings) and in novels like Ummath. Anar’s six poetry collections subscribe to the realization that the ‘private is political’, centring the distinct voice of ladies going through violence starting from ethnic to home.

Anar’s poetry brilliantly captures the loneliness and melancholy led to through exterior political scenarios that affect the non-public lives of unusual men and women.

The blood drop of her who has became mad

with 1000’s of accusations

is now filling this universe.

I stand on my own underneath the horizon

Staring on the closing piece of sunshine

Stuck between the lips of twilight

And being swallowed.

(From Anar’s yet-to-be printed assortment, translated through Kavitha Muralidharan) 

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Anar (Issath Rehana Azeem)

However after the blasts, stated Hanifa, the writers
had been “feeling numb”.

“We have now now not been ready to react, now not been ready to write down. We are saying creativity is set creativeness. In Sri Lanka, historical past becomes creativeness—it’s so fantastic nation as stunning as that is fraught through violence,” he stated, the disbelief transparent in his voice.

Hanifa, probably the most few Muslim writers to improve the Tamil motive, additionally unearths it ironic that the federal government not too long ago held a gathering with rehabilitated LTTE individuals when they introduced to lend a hand out with amassing security-related data.

“This can be a merciless irony that this may occur. In Sri Lanka, Muslims have to barter a tightrope. If there are 20 lakh Muslims within the nation, best 6-7 lakh can be residing within the East. The rest inhabitants lives some of the Sinhalese within the South. However we additionally wrote in Tamil, labored in Tamil. If the Muslims needed to negotiate for his or her area with the Tamils within the East, they needed to do the similar with Sinhala majority within the South.”

As of late, Hanifa stated, the Muslim neighborhood has to undergo the brunt of 2 accidents.

“We have now now not simply fallen off the tree however had been hit through a bull,” he stated.

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A broken mosque that used to be attacked through a mob is noticed on Would possibly 14, 2019 in Thummodara, Sri Lanka. 


Season of concern

No longer even the holy month of Ramzan has been ready to boost the neighborhood’s festive spirits. “That is the time of the 12 months when girls of our families would move on a buying groceries spree. However we’re but to come back to phrases with what had came about on Easter Sunday and will’t carry ourselves to have fun this month,” stated Hanifa.

Residing in Sainthamaruthu, probably the most blast websites, Anar possibly feels the ache extra acutely.

“I’ve learned with some horror that my son’s youth goes to be extra unlucky than my very own,” she stated, talking of the renewed surveillance and mistrust this is prone to blight the following technology’s lives. 

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Sri Lankan reporters take photos inside of St. Anthony’s Shrine in Colombo on April 26, 2019, following a sequence of bomb blasts focused on church buildings and comfort motels on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka. 

For 36-year-old Sharmila Seyyid, a fiery author who hasn’t ever kept away from clear of expressing her feminist perspectives and has confronted death threats from fundamentalists, what’s extra being concerned is the non-celebration of Vesak—the yearly Buddhist competition set to happen this week.

“The Sinhala neighborhood celebrates it elaborately, however this 12 months the federal government has limited the five-day nationwide celebrations to 2 days, mentioning safety causes. This will likely naturally irk the Sinhala neighborhood and when ISIS is faceless, the anger might be redirected on the Muslims which were residing on this nation all alongside,” she stated.

Sharmila’s poetry, during which she has frequently questions her personal neighborhood’s fundamentalism, has made her a very easy goal. In her poem, Homage to Her (incorporated in her novel Ummath, printed in an English translation through HarperCollins), she sought to show the travails of an unbiased, considering lady.  

She lifted her unveiled face

Held her chest prime and requested questions,

Showing her visage to the arena;

With fierce pleasure and chest thumping

They are saying that through killing her

They’d boosted the liked honour of mankind”

(Homage to Her, Translated through Gita Subramanian)

Even now I’m requested why I discuss up. If now not now, when? A illness needs to be handled when it’s energetic, now not when it’s dormant,” she stated.

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Sharmila Seyyid

Muslims in Sri Lanka, stated Sharmila, had been going through numerous adjustments over the past twenty years.

“There were numerous influences; numerous issues had been pressured on us. It’s mirrored within the our bodies of the ladies.”

Declaring that the burqa has been banned in Sri Lanka now in session with All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU), Sharmila says the similar organisation had issued a fatwa a couple of years in the past, telling Muslim girls to put on the burqa.

“It might be pressured or not obligatory, however many ladies are so used to dressed in burqa to head round that now not dressed in one is developing mental problems for them. I noticed a lady not too long ago who says she looks like she is nude when now not dressed in a burqa and stepping out. ACJU proposes by means of resolution that girls will have to keep indoors and this ban “used to be best brief”,” stated Sharmila. The outcome? Many ladies are reluctant to access public spaces.

Clinging to wish

Sharmila’s NGO, which matches for ladies empowerment and kid building and is located in a Sinhala majority neighbourhood in Colombo, has been requested to near down. “There’s not anything I may do about it, neither the police nor the lawmakers are keen to lend a hand. To Muslims, I’m a rebellion who has to die. And these days, to others, I’m an Islamic fundamentalist. Residing in Colombo have been a protected choice until not too long ago. This blast modified the whole thing,”  she stated.

Disassociating from the ISIS, she stated, may not be an answer.

“We will say they’re un-Islamic. However ISIS claims to do the whole thing within the title of Islam. We want to recognize the truth and take a look at it severely. Another way we can not in finding approach to this threat threatening our life.”


Sri Lankan safety officials check up on vandalized stores owned through Muslims in Minuwangoda, a suburb of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Tuesday, Would possibly 14, 2019. 

Sharmila is significant of what she says is her neighborhood’s silence over creeping radicalisation in addition to the federal government’s reluctance to concentrate on a long-term resolution.

“As an alternative of in fact seeking to carry peace some of the communities, all that the federal government does is to hide the wound with a big fabric and faux that it doesn’t exist. This perspective isn’t going to lend a hand” says Sharmila.

Others like to grasp to wish.

“That is totally new, what came about on Easter Sunday. Sure, there were parts of conservatism that experience received an higher hand in the neighborhood within the closing twenty years. However they aren’t radicalised in that they convey palms or do those bombings. This type of means—the radicalisation—might be as new as two years. And as writers and Muslims, we stand united and adversarial to such radicalisation,” stated Nuhman.

“Sri Lanka is possibly the one nation the place we waged struggle to determine a peace that used to be now not everlasting. However sitting in my house at Batticaloa, I will not be expecting a horse from Arab country to carry me ingesting water when I’m demise of thirst. I’ve to rely on my Tamil neighbour,” stated Hanifa.

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