Did 'Game Of Thrones' Just Burn Ed Sheeran's Cameo?

Neatly, his legs nonetheless paintings like they used to ahead of, however Ed Sheeran’s “Game of Thrones” personality it seems that didn’t break out unscathed after his season 7 cameo.

Throughout a scene that includes Bronn (Jerome Flynn) visiting a brothel within the “Recreation of Thrones” season 8 premiere, the quite a lot of ladies he’s with speak about the Lannister infantrymen who have been attacked by means of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and Drogon in season 7.

“I listen the dragon wiped out 1000 Lannister males,” says some of the ladies.

A number of the ones mentioned is a redheaded soldier named “Eddie.” 

Lady 1: That boy Eddie…

Lady 2: The ginger?

Lady 1: That’s him. Got here again together with his face burnt proper off. He’s were given no eyelids now.

Lady 2: How does he sleep and not using a eyelids?

Yep. It seems that, his face crumbled like pastries in spite of everything.

[Cue: Sheeran making a song “I See Fire.”]

We didn’t be told the identify of Sheeran’s personality or his partners when the English musician made a cameo as a Lannister soldier within the season 7 premiere. Then again, the brothel employees additionally point out a “tall” and “good-looking” soldier named “William.” One of the most actors who gave the impression within the scene with Sheeran used to be William Postlethwaite, so it sort of feels just like the banter is an within shaggy dog story about Sheeran’s divisive look, which — years later — nonetheless has disgruntled enthusiasts thinking out loud.

Within the season 7 scene, Arya (Maisie Williams) occurs upon some random Lannister infantrymen at the street, together with Sheeran, who’s making a song a tune.

“It’s a brand new one,” he tells her.

“Recreation of Thrones” has featured cameos from musicians ahead of, however possibly nobody has been as blatantly noticeable as Sheeran placing on a live performance for Arya. (The singer used to be integrated within the HBO sequence as a marvel for Williams, who’s a fan.) Many, together with former “Recreation of Thrones” superstar Kristian Nairn, complained that it took you proper out of the display.

“I used to be like, ‘Why is Ed Sheeran right here?’ I imply, Ed Sheeran’s nice. He’s a perfect man, nice musician, however why is he in ‘Recreation of Thrones’?” Nairn informed HuffPost in 2018.

The semblance impressed a constant flow of jokes concerning the personality, and Sheeran used to be rumored to have left Twitter as a result of the backlash, despite the fact that he denied this in an Instagram put up:

I got here off Twitter Coz I used to be all the time intending to come back off Twitter, had not anything to do with what other people mentioned about my sport of thrones cameo, as a result of I’m in sport of thrones, why the hell would I fear what other people considered that. It’s obviously fuckin’ superior.

Following Dany’s dragon assault at the Lannisters within the season 7 episode “Spoils of Conflict,” there have been numerous questions on whether or not Sheeran’s personality survived. On the time, the director of that episode, Matt Shakman, informed Mashable, “I don’t assume actually the ones infantrymen have been there.”

Sheeran by no means gave the impression to have plans to reprise the function. He informed MTV he used to be pleased with the cameo, however he added: “No person needs to peer me come again.” He idea his personality most probably wasn’t lengthy for the arena of Westeros:

I doubt I’m going to live on for that lengthy, to be fair, when there are dragons on the earth.

If the “Eddie” discussed within the display is certainly Sheeran, it seems like he made it in spite of everything. HBO could have simply given the cameo a cheeky burn of its personal. 

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