Here's How 'Game Of Thrones' Ends, According To 30 Dead Characters

Whilst you play the sport of thrones, you win otherwise you die, and we will be able to safely say there haven’t been too many winners up to now.

Over the HBO display’s seven seasons, thousands of “Game of Thrones” characters were maimed, mauled and met their results in some shape or any other, so with the fable drama’s ultimate season bobbing up, we needed to peer how they concept the display would in the end meet its finish, too.


All characters will have to die.

HuffPost reached out to plenty of actors in the back of useless characters at the display, making some extent to get the evaluations of one of the crucial incessantly forgotten however impactful or attention-grabbing roles. Some declined (most likely, the ache from the ones outdated wounds nonetheless harm an excessive amount of), and a few sought after remuneration (in all probability dying doesn’t pay in addition to we concept), however ultimately we discovered moderately a couple of who have been courageous sufficient to percentage who they concept would win the Iron Throne (if there even is a throne in spite of everything).

Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones)

Explanation for dying: Blown up in Sept of Baelor through Cersei.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: N/A

What is going to in reality occur: Throne will likely be destroyed.

“I don’t suppose there will likely be a throne in spite of everything. I believe ice and fireplace will ruin the throne and each and every different within the strategy of warfare. It’ll decentralize energy, there will likely be chaos and out of that chaos and dysfunction a collective of survivors (optimistically Arya, Brienne, Tyrion, Podrick! to call a couple of) will prepared the ground rebuilding the seven kingdoms into one thing extra democratic and sustainable.”

Ros (Esmé Bianco)

Explanation for dying: Shot with crossbow through Joffrey.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Varys

“I would like Varys to win it as a result of I believe he really desires the most productive for the folks of Westeros, and I believe he may simply be a excellent man.  However I’m lovely positive I’ll get confirmed incorrect!”

What is going to in reality occur: Throne will likely be destroyed/melted through a dragon.

“I’m no longer positive why somebody would need to sit down at the Iron Throne, frankly — it kind of feels to deliver not anything however hassle to those who do, plus it seems to be bloody uncomfortable. I believe it’s going to in reality be destroyed or melted through a dragon. I simply don’t see there being a transparent ‘winner’ on the finish of all of it. ‘Sport of Thrones’ isn’t like that!”

Rickon Stark (Artwork Parkinson)

Explanation for dying: Couldn’t zigzag.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: King within the North and Dany.

“I want to see Jon Snow in addition to Daenerys at the Iron Throne, as I consider they deserve it and it might make an excellent glad finishing to the display.”

What is going to in reality occur: IDK.

“I’m undecided as to who’s going to finally end up at the Iron Throne, because the display is so unpredictable, which is likely one of the issues that makes it so nice and that I consider [why] it has change into so common over time.”

Olly (Brenock O’Connor)

Explanation for dying: Hanged through Jon Snow.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Jon Snow.

“I believe I’ve were given to be purely egocentric, and I’d need to were killed through the winner. It’s were given to be. Jon killed me, from a egocentric viewpoint … the true king killed me … I believe Jon merits it. He’s been via sufficient. He died and got here again. He’s been throughout the horrors.”

What is going to in reality occur: Evening King, duh.

“I believe it’s going to be the Evening King at the Iron Throne. Simply to be truthful, I don’t see it going every other manner. He’s unbeatable. He’s were given a dragon now, and he’s were given the largest military. So I reckon it’ll finish with him.”

Shireen Baratheon (Kerry Ingram)

Explanation for dying: Sacrificed through her dad, Stannis.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Tyrion.

“I would really like for Tyrion to sit down at the throne, I believe he’s an excellent persona. He thinks ahead of he does!”

What is going to in reality occur: Cersei or White Walkers international domination.

“Up to I would really like Tyrion at the throne I do consider that both Cersei will proceed to rule or the White Walkers will take over!”

Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton)

Explanation for dying: Ramsay sends his regards.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: The women of Winterfell.

“I’d like to peer Sansa and Arya rule in combination at the Iron Throne.”

What is going to in reality occur: N/A

Black Walder (Tim Plester)

Explanation for dying: Baked right into a pie through Arya.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Scorching Pie. 

“Is Scorching Pie, the baker’s apprentice, nonetheless alive? For evident causes, I retain a moderately sentimental attachment to pies.”

What is going to in reality occur: Edmure will rule. Lol.

“When I used to be on set with Tobias Menzies, we used to funny story about how it might be his persona, Lord Edmure Tully, who would in the end finally end up profitable the ‘sport.’ We pictured a situation by which everyone else can be killed off in an epic ultimate struggle, both through fireplace or ice (most likely a mix of the 2), leaving the overall credit to roll over abject desolation. Then, in an sudden coda to what had simply transpired, we envisaged chopping to the bolstered door of a bathroom cubicle slowly opening to expose Lord Edmure — a little bit shaken however another way unhurt, together with his trousers nonetheless aroundabout his ankles. Noticing that no person else was once round, and recognizing the Iron Throne sitting surprisingly unoccupied, Edmure would then saunter throughout The Nice Corridor and tentatively sit down himself down at the throne, ahead of turning at once to digicam and providing up an embarrassed shrug by way of a proof. … It must be famous that this situation was once impressed, partly, through the truth that The Nice Corridor set was once located in the similar Belfast development because the set for the Pink Wedding ceremony, which means that you just needed to go through it to your technique to the use of the (precise) toilets.”

Mace Tyrell (Roger Ashton-Griffiths)

Explanation for dying: Blown up within the Sept through Cersei.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: “Nobody.”

What is going to in reality occur: Westeros will change into Atlantis.

“Westeros is a completely a-classical setting — no longer a Corinthian column to be noticed. For the reason that classical international and its legacy has ruled all Western cultures for 2 millennia, I’ve to conclude, due to this fact, that the occasions in ‘GoT’ happen in a time ahead of the classical age. So what took place to all the ones sentient existence paperwork (and dragons)? The place is their legacy?

“I reckon that everybody will die within the impending warfare, leaving in the back of only a small inhabitants to broaden over millennia from their diminished state of stone-aged desolation into the civilization of which we’re the descendants these days. Additionally, the fading reminiscence of what’s going to then be pre-historic Westeros will grow to be the parable of Atlantis.

“That’s what I’d write anyway!”


Lem Lemoncloak (Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson)

Explanation for dying: Hanged through the Hound. 

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: The Mountain.

“I would like the Mountain to win the Iron Throne, rattling it! I do know that could be far-fetched. However he’s my fellow Icelandic forged member, so I fortify him. There’s no longer a large number of us Icelandic other people on this planet, so we adore to stay in combination.”

What is going to in reality occur: Cersei will beat out “Snowy and Blondy.”

“I believe that kick-ass Cersei Lannister is gonna wonder us all and take it. She’s skilled, she’s no longer a rattling child! Snowy and Blondy will fail as a result of they’ll let their feelings by some means get the simpler of them. It’ll be Cersei all of the manner.” 

Balon Greyjoy (Patrick Malahide)

Explanation for dying: Thrown over bridge through Euron.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: N/A

What is going to in reality occur: N/A

“Balon Greyjoy by no means engages with the out of doors international!” 

Syrio Forel (Miltos Yerolemou)

Explanation for dying: Killed through Meryn Trant … perhaps.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Tyrion.

“I would like Tyrion to sit down at the Iron Throne. He’s in point of fact the one one that merits to.”

What is going to in reality occur: Anyone will put on the throne.

“I believe no person will likely be sitting at the throne on the finish of Season eight. If truth be told, I’ve a perverse feeling that as an alternative of any person sitting at the throne, any person would possibly finally end up ‘dressed in’ the throne. Like Viserys, who sought after a golden crown such a lot, he ended up getting so a lot more. Watch out what you would like for. It’ll be an excessively bittersweet finishing.”

Meryn Trant (Ian Beattie)

Explanation for dying: Stabbed 1,000,000 instances through Arya.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Tyrion or Cersei.

“Tyrion as a result of he cares for the folks, or Cersei as a result of I like her!!”

What is going to in reality occur: Throne will likely be destroyed.

“Nobody as a result of there gained’t be one. The issue isn’t who sits at the throne however who comes subsequent! Plus Mr. Martin doesn’t do simple!”

Janos Slynt (Dominic Carter)

Explanation for dying: Beheaded through Jon Snow.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Samwell Tarly.

“I’d like, through default as a result of the entire same old suspects could have destroyed each and every different, Samwell Tarly to finally end up at the Iron Throne. With Varys as his Hand and Tyrion as his head of leisure. Principally as a result of I consider brains at all times win over brawn. And they’re my favourite characters!”

What is going to in reality occur: Throne will likely be destroyed.

“I assume for the reason that wait between seasons feels longer than the Brexit procedure … there should be an epic sequence of enormous battles and conflicts … the Iron Throne should be melted right down to lend a hand with the warfare effort … so there will likely be no precise throne to sit down on. However in the end I believe the brand new king or queen will likely be very sudden! And true to shape, no person will 2d bet this one, I reckon.”

 Pycelle (Julian Glover)

Explanation for dying: Stabbed through a host of children.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Tyrion. Jon Snow is uninteresting.

“I hope that Tyrion will likely be sitting at the throne on the finish of the story; he’s through a long way the brightest button within the field for all his faults, which can be human and comprehensible. He has empathy, a high quality missing in maximum different characters. Jon Snow is a goody-two-shoes and a frightful bore, and can be a hopeless chief. 

What is going to in reality occur: Cersei for the win.

“I be expecting Cersei gets the seat as a result of she is so fully ruthless. I do hope they don’t opt for a so-far-unknown outsider, which might so disappoint the audience. Tyrion is a totally excellent egg so far as I will be able to see, and would lead with the similar not unusual sense and integrity as Ned Stark would have carried out. It might cross any which manner, and whichever manner it does cross will thrill a number of people and deeply disappoint others, such is the dedication of the fan base.”

Mossador (Reece Noi)

Explanation for dying: Achieved through Dany, performed through Daario Naharis. 

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Missandei and Greyworm

“I would like Missandei and Greyworm to do a timeshare at the throne. In all probability co-rule/take it in shifts or simply squish on. As a result of they each have suffered and but continued. They’re robust, but delicate, and each gorgeous, in fact.”

What is going to in reality occur: Daenerys

“After Mossador’s premature dying it was once more and more tense to proceed staring at. I’m almost about recovered and my neck hasn’t ever been the similar since. My middle does, on the other hand, belong to Daenerys … regardless of her looking to forestall my bag. She’s labored laborious, and her intentions are in the end excellent.”

White Rat (Marcos James)

Explanation for dying: Throat reduce through Sons of the Harpy.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: He’s unswerving to his queen.

“I’m going to stay with White Rat’s allegiance to Daenerys and fortify Space Targaryen for rule of the Iron Throne. On a non-public stage, this will likely moderately make up for being taken out through the Sons of Harpy, mid-pleasure, within the brothel. I imply, come on, even with the loss of very important manly bits, they in point of fact may have left me in there just a little longer to really feel the cuddle and pay attention to a few lullabies. Nonetheless in my emotions about this.”

What is going to in reality occur: Targaryens will rule, however there’s a twist.

“In Season eight, everybody will likely be associated with everybody else, and there will likely be extra intricate bloodline revelations. As such, the struggle for the throne will likely be complicated, and extra characters will likely be getting primary side-eye for his or her intimacy. Most sensible of the listing is Dany and Jon, even supposing their union does cause them to a powerful drive for taking up the Iron Throne. In spite of everything, Space Targaryen will rule, however PLOT TWIST! doubtlessly no longer with Daenerys as Lord however a newly published member of the Targaryen bloodline. ‘Sport of Thrones’ is certainly going to throw a curve ball, and, no matter occurs, it’s going to be epic!” 

Younger Hodor (Sam Coleman)

Explanation for dying: Just right manners. Spent too lengthy retaining doorways.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: No person.

“I would like all of them to membership in combination, combat the wights after which, when they simply scrape via, I would like the ones which can be left to make a decision they’ll abandon their tribal allegiances and shape a democracy.”

What is going to in reality occur: Ultimate face-off with the Evening King.

“I believe we’ll reputedly lose everybody. I believe the Evening King will glance to reign ideal. However … underground we discover some people are nonetheless alive and hiding out, plotting a revolt. Then there will likely be a last stand with the final ultimate heroes and their troops slaughtering the Evening King, all his minions disappearing with him.”

Rorge (Andy Beckwith)

Explanation for dying: Stabbed through a Needle.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: The Starks.

“I would really like the Stark circle of relatives to nonetheless be alive on the very finish and sitting at the Iron Throne, with Sansa and Arya in fee, as I think they’ve been the characters who’ve suffered probably the most ranging from Season 1.”

What is going to in reality occur: The Mom of Dragons will likely be victorious.

“Daenerys Targaryen will likely be victorious on the finish, with the assistance of Jon Snow, and they’ll be aided through the Stark circle of relatives. I believe they’ll then ruin the Iron Throne and are living thankfully ever after, however, as you understand, that is ‘Sport of Thrones,’ and the rest may occur. Can’t look forward to Season eight.”

Ser Rodrik Cassel (Ron Donachie) 

Explanation for dying: Beheaded (no longer simply) through Theon.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Podrick (his real-life son, actor Daniel Portman)

“I’d like Podrick Payne to be king. He’s been a fascinating, enigmatic persona all the way through; made up our minds, selfless, courageous and dependable, he’s a rarity in Westeros. Most commonly, regardless that, it’s as a result of he’s my son. Truthful sufficient? Yep, balanced and truthful.”

What is going to in reality occur: No thought.

“In truth no genuine clue. I’d adore it to be some of the surviving Stark children ― if any are surviving on the ultimate bell. The Starks were the repository of decency and honor around the piece, regardless of all of the vicissitudes they’ve continued, so a Stark at the Iron Throne would lend a hand against a solution of all of the horror. I’d additionally feel free if Tyrion were given the gig; he’s been superb all the way through, Lannister or no longer. Talking of Lannisters, if Jaime made it to the highest it might be an unusual essay in repentance, self-discovery and the facility we need to trade ourselves, however I believe that’s almost definitely a bridge too a long way, even for ‘GOT.’ His has been a outstanding adventure, regardless that. Preventing now ahead of I listing the entire forged.” 

Craster (Robert Pugh)

Explanation for dying: Stabbed through Karl Tanner, Gin Alley legend.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: King within the North.

“Jon Snow. He merits it for his braveness and resolution in opposition to all of the odds!”

What is going to in reality occur: Craster will upward thrust once more?

“From the carnage and devastation, Craster will upward thrust from the grave to rule ideal! Neatly, that’s what I dreamt anyway!”

Lord Greatjon Umber (Clive Mantle)

Explanation for dying: Offscreen. Reported through his son to Ramsay.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Tyrion.

“I’m furiously looking to compensate for ‘GOT,’ as I simplest ever watched the primary sequence on authentic transmission. I’m as much as the tip of Collection 2 and in point of fact taking part in it and hope the fantastic Peter Dinklage wins in spite of everything. However judging through the informal and wanton discarding of a few of Britain’s best persona actors, he may apply swimsuit and get knocked off early in Collection three. Who is aware of? Neatly, you lot do since you’re neatly forward of me. However my cash’s on Dinklage. Except, in fact, I am getting a past due name to reprise The Greatjon Umber, who in point of fact must be at the throne through distinctive feature of the immense quantity at which he spoke.”

What is going to in reality occur: Nonetheless catching up at the display.

“No matter occurs I’ll meet up with the lead to a few 12 months’s time.”

Nymeria Sand (Jessica Henwick)

Explanation for dying: Strangled through her personal whip.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Tyrion.

“I imply part of the folks left are sociopaths, so it’s a gorgeous small pool to make a choice from, haha. I’d love to peer Tyrion at the throne as a result of it might be a heck of an underdog tale and since he has a humorousness.”

What is going to in reality occur: Everybody will die.

“Daenerys is simply too evident a pace-setter, so she’s out. Similar is going for Jon. I believe it’ll be a council relatively than a unmarried individual in energy, and Finn (Jones) is at all times happening about how they’ll soften the throne down so they are able to use the metal…. However that is Martin, and that could be a little bit kumbaya. So, if so, I assume… everybody will die?”

Leaf (Kae Alexander)

Explanation for dying: Blew herself as much as save Bran. 

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Mr. “Sport of Thrones” Google seek.

“Bran, another way Leaf sacrificed herself for Not anything, Hodor held the door for Nothin! Deficient little Meera having to pull a full-grown-sized Bran throughout snow for NOTHIN!!!! Come on, Bran!!!”

What is going to in reality occur: Dragons.

″The dragons as a result of they are able to fly. We will be able to wish to construct 2 extra thrones and cause them to a lot larger… and flameproof, in fact. ”

Mycah, the Butcher’s Boy (Rhodri Hoskings) 

Explanation for dying: Joffrey’s a liar. Lower down through the Hound.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: A Lady Has A Throne?

“I must be biased and cross with Arya as a result of clearly our characters are outdated buddies, so I’ve simply were given this symbol of a overweight more youthful self of mine from past the grave simply rooting for her. To head totally clear of the sequence that appears to be popping out, I believe it’d be cool to peer my outdated good friend up at the Iron Throne.”

What is going to in reality occur: King within the North.

“It’s so difficult. I like the display. I’m an enormous fan. I’ve stored up with it the entire manner. I believe that Jon will almost definitely finally end up on it. Clearly, no longer being at the display for ages, I do not know what’s in reality happening, however I believe simply from staring at as a fan that Jon will almost definitely finally end up on it. He’s were given a excellent declare to it, no longer that he is aware of that.”

Ser Dontos (Tony Method)

Explanation for dying: Shot with crossbows on Littlefinger’s orders.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: The Hound. Or Dontos resurrection?

“Neatly, I used to be nonetheless hoping for the decision to resurrect Dontos Hollard as a white-walking ice zombie who grabs the throne in opposition to all of the odds, however seeing as that’s off the playing cards… I’ll opt for The Hound, as a result of he’s about the correct dimension for the throne, he’d glance excellent on it. A pleasant have compatibility. Giant throne, large fella. Plus he’s in point of fact excellent at swearing. I love that.”

What is going to in reality occur: Tyrion.

“I believe Tyrion simply may nab the Iron Throne. And I believe he would do an excellent task, too. He’s were given no armies, no dragons and he’s no longer an excellent warrior, however he’s were given his wits, and glance how a long way they’ve him up to now. Don’t rely him out, or chances are you’ll finally end up useless on the bathroom like his dad. ” 

Rattleshirt (Ross O’Hennessy)

Explanation for dying: Didn’t know the way to speak to Tormund well.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Dragons must soften it. 

“I don’t need somebody to win the Iron Throne, to me (as Ross) and within the eyes of the Wildlings, the Throne is an influence of despotism. From The Mad King, via Joffrey and now to Cersei Lannister, each individual that has had any connection to the throne has become a tyrant. It could be best possible if the dragons melted the throne and a republic was once created. Truthful votes from all of the seven kingdoms.”

What is going to in reality occur: Jon, Dany & fam are living thankfully ever after.

“I believe that the Iron Throne will likely be dominated through Jon Snow and Daenerys and their offspring. The becoming a member of of Hearth and Ice. Hearth is Daenerys and Ice is Jon Snow, no longer on account of his connections to the Starks family however as a result of he was once killed and taken again to existence. Just like the king of the White Walkers, he’s undead, he’s Ice. Because the identify says… ‘Sport of Thrones,’ the track of Ice and Hearth.”

Khal Moro (Joe Naufahu)

Explanation for dying: Mom of Dragons with a vintage burn. 

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Khal Moro. Handiest Khal Moro.

“Khal Moro … he’s going to go back from the useless with the White Walkers.”

What is going to in reality occur: Dany.

“Almost definitely Dany ’motive she’s the Mom of Dragons and the one one that would defeat Moro.” 

Razdal mo Eraz (George Georgiou) and Belicho Paenymion (Eddie Jackson)

George Georgiou (left)

Explanation for dying: Frustrated the Mom of Dragons. 

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Simply hopes the tale is anti-Brexit.

“I believe the seven kingdoms will likely be in this sort of state that there will likely be little need for an Iron Throne, however the disarray must remind us of the significance of the U.Okay. staying within the EU! That’s my want, anyway.”

What is going to in reality occur: Handiest dragons will live to tell the tale.

“I believe no person will win the throne (that’s too predictable). The entire leaders will die and the one survivors would be the dragons. As a result of they’re lovely.”

Eddie Jackson (proper)

Explanation for dying: Similar.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Sansa and Gendry. Sendry?

“There are such a large amount of nice characters and even conceivable energy who may do a excellent task at ruling Westeros: Dany and Jon (nonetheless just a little at a loss for words why Rhaegar would title either one of his sons Aegon, however anyway), Brienne and Tormund, Brienne and Jaime, Ser Davos, Samwell. However who I in point of fact need to sit down at the Iron Throne in spite of everything is Gendry and Sansa, as a result of I believe they’ve what it takes to be truthful. After we meet Sansa, she sees the sector in songs and tales, and her tale has become a nightmare. With Gendry we get a personality who thinks he manner not anything and now perhaps is one among few individuals who can lend a hand forestall the wights. I believe those two persona arcs would cause them to each excellent rulers, plus then Ned’s daughter nonetheless will get to marry Robert’s son. George R.R. Martin is superb and foreshadowing.”

What is going to in reality occur: Dany will destroy the wheel!

“I believe Daenerys will stay her promise and destroy the wheel. After preventing the White Walkers is completed, I believe the folks of Westeros generally will likely be unwell of being pawns within the sport of thrones. So I don’t suppose there will likely be an Iron Throne, or many primary households left. I believe the seven kingdoms will likely be simply that and somebody with part a military will likely be preventing for no matter is left, which gained’t be a lot. My different little concept is that on this international of dragons, White Walkers, Youngsters of the Woodland and magic, that people are the unnatural drive who motive warfare and struggling, and that is nature preventing again. That or it’s dragons’ time to rule.”

Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer)

Explanation for dying: He’s nonetheless alive at the display, however he’s additionally already died six instances, so we concept, “Why no longer?”

“I am getting six possible choices then?” requested Dormer.

Who merits to win the Iron Throne: Just right ol’ dead Ned.

“It must be Ned Stark. Sean Bean’s a stupendous actor and sensible within the display.”

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