Game Of Thrones Theories: 7 Of The Most Interesting Predictions – And How Likely They Actually Are

For 2 years, Game Of Thrones lovers were being seeking to bet what’s going to occur within the 8th and ultimate sequence. 

This has ended in masses of theories – some much more likely than others. 

Forward of the primary new episode, we’re breaking down seven of probably the most intriguing, and which of them have a robust probability of being proper… 

1. Littlefinger continues to be alive 

The Impartial

We understand it’s incorrect to hope unwell on other folks, however that is Sport Of Thrones and a few of them deserve it.

After seven seasons of scheming and plotting murders, Lord Petyr Baelish met a grisly finish within the sequence seven finale, when Arya Stark slit his throat. 

“That’s that,” chances are you’ll assume. Unfortunately, this might not be the case.

Getting your head round this one comes to casting your thoughts all of the as far back as sequence 4, however fortunately, YouTube person Neo has damaged it down: 

Thanks, Neo. 

Chance? It could be extremely artful for bosses to have planted the seeds for this goodbye in the past. And such a lot so, that we’d in reality forgive them for bringing him again.

2. Daenerys Targaryen can be pregnant with Jon Snow’s child 


Within the remaining couple of episodes, the Mom of Dragons discussed that she will be able to’t have youngsters on numerous events.

Such a lot of instances actually, that it appeared slightly too obtrusive – the writers obviously need to be certain we all know she believes is. Is that this the set-up for a not-so-shocking surprise being pregnant? 

Chance? Erm… perhaps? The writers made any such level of Daenerys’ incapability to conceive that there needs to be extra to it. 

If she is pregnant, it will spell the tip for her although as Targaryen youngsters have incessantly killed their moms in the past (with Jon and Dany each doing so themselves). 

three. Cersei is faking her being pregnant

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Then there’s the Queen (for now), who claimed to expect any other kid with brother, Jaime, on the finish of sequence seven.

Cersei made certain Tyrion knew – and certainly, this used to be the primary any person heard – prior to he returned to Workforce Daenerys, more than likely positive he’d move the tips on. This is able to doubtlessly rattle Daenerys, who these days believes herself not able to supply an inheritor. 

Cersei then informed Jaime, whilst seeking to achieve leverage. It used to be handy, to mention the least. 

Chance? The newest trailer didn’t lend a hand resolve this, as there have been no pictures of a visibly pregnant Cersei. Faking a being pregnant could be very her as smartly, we’ll say that a lot. 

four. And that she’ll die by the hands of Jaime

Having clung on via a lot of onslaughts at the Lannisters, and outliving all of her youngsters (excluding one, perhaps, however we’ll get to that) Cersei’s time may just quickly be up. 

In line with lovers and bookies alike, she’s more likely to die one day prior to the last credit roll on sequence 8. But if? And the way?


Let’s communicate concerning the ‘Valanqor’ idea, and take a look at to stay this as transparent as imaginable.

A prior flashback scene confirmed a tender Cersei visiting a fortune teller, who accurately predicted occasions together with her youngsters turning into kings and all being killed. 

As Cersei used to be leaving, the oracle added: “And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his arms about your light white throat and choke the existence from you.”

This line has been agonised over perpetually as “valonqar” way “little brother” in Top Valyrian – and Jaime, born two mins after Cersei, is technically more youthful. 

Cersei does, in fact, have two brothers and now not one, however given the closeness and toxicity between the twins, it will spherical each her tale and his redemption arc off smartly if he killed the queen.

Chance? We reckon this will likely occur. 

five. The Useless Ned Idea 


This one has been kicking round for some time and following the discharge of the sequence 8 trailer, quite a few lovers had been fussing over it once more.

The primary scenes of the trailer display murderer Arya Stark operating in the course of the crypts at Winterfell and for the reason that she’s been educated to be totally fearless, everyone seems to be questioning why she’s so terrified. 

After brightening up the very dark trailer, some Redditors seem to have discovered that two males are in the back of her. May just they be Ned Stark and the undead Kings of Wintry weather, awoken from their crypts?

May just it’s that they’d awoken from their graves? As our HuffPost US colleagues have identified: “Why else would there be catacombs stuffed with the corpses of lords and women if now not for an epic reason why?”

Learn their detailed breakdown of this line of pondering here

Chance? It’s a slight jump when there are many residing males who may well be chasing Arya. However no matter it’s, we’re terrified that she’s terrified. This isn’t going to finish smartly. 

6. And the Woman Stoneheart Idea 

By no means thoughts Ned – within the books, it’s his spouse, Catelyn Stark, who rises from the lifeless. 

When you’re making plans to learn them one day then we will have to provide you with a warning spoiler is coming, OK? Proper…

In George RR Martin’s novel, a zombified model of Catelyn, referred to as Woman Stoneheart, rises from the lifeless and seeks revenge at the Freys for the Crimson Wedding ceremony.

Now Arya did spend numerous season seven getting revenge on them, however again at Winterfell, as she spoke to Brienne of Tarth about her oath to give protection to the Stark daughters, a mysterious determine may well be observed within the background:

See? Within the door approach. It’s creepy, to mention the least. 

Chance? This appears like a little bit of succeed in, particularly as Arya has just about had the entire revenge factor coated. 

That hasn’t stopped one of the show’s stars from backing the theory although. 

7. Bran is the Night time King 

This idea first started gaining severe consideration whilst sequence seven used to be nonetheless airing and dates again even additional than that. 

Due to Bran’s advanced talent to time go back and forth and change the previous, it’s all a little bit bizarre however mainly other folks assume Bran may just by chance turn out to be the Night time King all the way through a go back and forth again in time.

The 2 of them are incessantly dressed in equivalent outfits and feature equivalent skills too, with HuffPost US stating that the Night King can see Bran while he’s in visions.

Then within the sequence finale, the White Walkers may well be observed making their approach via Westeros, having damaged down the wall with the assistance of their brand-new dragon. 


Redditor sannybop issues out that it formation of the Military Of the Useless is very very similar to the Stark direwolf image. May just this imply there’s some form of hyperlink between the Starks and the White Walkers? And may just that hyperlink be Bran? 

Isaac Hempstead Wright, who performs Bran, doesn’t assume so.

Claiming it “turns out slightly bit far-fetched”, he previously told HuffPost: “However, I’d have mentioned the Hodor idea used to be incredible had I simply learn it on an web discussion board, however I’ve observed when other folks put footage of me and the Night time King in combination [and say,] ‘Yeah, that’s showed! They appear an identical! They appear precisely the similar!’ 

“Do I actually appear to be some historical evil ice zombie?”

Chance? Our intestine intuition is that some form of Bran-related divulge is obviously coming however in the long run, we believe Isaac – this does appear slightly a long way fetched. 

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