Homer Simpson Meets Mickey Mouse, And It Goes Just As Well As You'd Expect

Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox is predicted to be finished Tuesday night, marking the start of a in reality odd mixed circle of relatives of popular culture icons.

And no less than one Fox worker is celebrating his new company overloads in an excessively cheeky way.

Al Jean, the longtime showrunner of “The Simpsons,” celebrated the exchange in possession on Tuesday with a tweet appearing the primary assembly between Disney mascot Mickey Mouse and Fox’s personal Homer and Bart Simpson.

Spoiler alert: It went about in addition to you’d be expecting (which means now not excellent in any respect).

In fact, a few “Simpsons” enthusiasts couldn’t lend a hand however sign up for within the Disney dragging.

The merger implies that “The Simpsons” will transform a Disney-owned assets. TV Insider says that whilst the display might be produced via Disney’s 20th Century Fox, it is going to proceed to air on Fox Company’s Fox Broadcasting Corporate.

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