10 Funniest, Most Ridiculous Moments From Hasan Minhaj's Episode On India's Lok Sabha Elections


In his latest episode of Patriot Act on Netflix, Hasan Minhaj takes at the quagmire of controversies and complexities that’s the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

In looking to ruin down the 2019 election for an international target market, Minhaj is going in the course of the Pulwama terror assault, the 2G rip-off, demonetisation, the roles record controversy, the Assam NRC, mob lynchings, Yogi “a monk with a gun”Adityanath and the music ‘Tum Paas Aaye’ from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Sure, you learn that appropriate.

If you’ll get previous the display’s robust NRI lens, Minhaj makes some cogent issues punctured with humour.

1. Once they couldn’t submit a map of Kashmir whilst speaking about… Kashmir

As Minhaj talked concerning the stress between India and Pakistan following the Pulwama terror assault, Netflix didn’t let Patriot Act submit a map of Kashmir on display out of concern of being sued by means of our govt.

That is what they confirmed as a substitute.


“Shaggy dog story’s on you, India. American citizens couldn’t even in finding Kashmir if it have been on a map,” mentioned Minhaj.

2. The ‘eco-terrorism’ of Balakot air strike

Minhaj waded into the minefield that’s the Balakot strike, referencing the conflicting stories on India’s air strike, with Pakistan pronouncing the Indian Air Pressure bombs hit timber.

“Pakistan plans to report a grievance with the UN pronouncing that the assault on timber is ‘eco-terrorism’. India was once like, ‘We’d have hit one thing if our maps weren’t so blurry. And, simply so you already know, the ones timber are terrorists,’” Minhaj joked.

As one person on YouTube commented, “Excellent good fortune in witness coverage.”

three. Occasions Now’s notorious ‘Newshour’ debate made an look


Minhaj referred to as the cacophony on ‘NewsHour’ “Each and every desi lounge speaking about politics.”

four. How he summed up Narendra Modi’s political marketing campaign

five. That viral Rahul-Modi hug

 6. On Modi’s press-conferences, or lack thereof

“It’s like posting on Instagram and disabling feedback,” Minhaj quipped.


7. On India’s Michael Buble 


Photos discuss louder than phrases👆🏼.

eight. On Shashi Tharoor’s accessory 


Patriot Act couldn’t get somebody from the BJP to seem at the display however Congress MP Shashi Tharoor made a cameo and Minhaj couldn’t recover from his accessory.

“He feels like he’s the voice of a sensible moose in a Pixar film.”

nine. How he described the RSS ‘manifesto’

That is how wide-ranging the episode was once. Minhaj introduced up MS Golwalkar’s ebook Bunch of Ideas. The previous RSS leader’s ebook is thought of as a information for the right-wing organisation.

At the ebook’s identify, Minhaj mentioned, “This doesn’t sound just like the manifesto of a thorough motion. It sounds just like the Medium submit you write after a divorce.”

10. And, in the end, that cricket remark

Obviously, Minhaj  knew he can be remiss to not point out cricket.

“We don’t want the specter of nuclear war to flex nationalism. That’s why we now have cricket. India-Pakistan fit is nuclear war.” 

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