Here's What Happens In The Original, Terrible 'Game Of Thrones' Pilot That Never Aired


“Probably the most painful studies of my lifestyles.”

That’s how David Benioff as soon as described seeing pals test-screen his and co-showrunner Dan Weiss’ original “Game of Thrones” pilot in 2010. After that viewing, greater than 90 p.c of the episode used to be supposedly reshot prior to it aired on HBO in April 2011, in the end resulting in the phenomenon that the collection is lately.

However that first horrible, terrible, no just right, very dangerous pilot ― known as a “piece of shit” through the showrunners’ screenwriter pal Craig Mazin ― by no means noticed the sunshine of day. It changed into legend, one thing that might reside simplest in Outdated Nan’s tales. Or so we concept.

It’s an oft-forgotten undeniable fact that George R.R. Martin, whose A Tune of Ice and Hearth novels function inspiration for “Recreation of Thrones,” has been depositing outdated copies of his writing to Texas A&M’s Cushing Memorial Library in Faculty Station for greater than 20 years. He’s stated to have fallen in love with Cushing’s sci-fi assortment and its archival device throughout visits to AggieCon way back to the 1970s and made up our minds to make the quiet spot in Texas a house for his huge catalog of unique manuscripts.

The ensuing assortment on the library takes up more than one partitions, the primary of which is correctly known as the Wall. It’s a set so huge, it’d make Samwell Tarly’s head spin, staffed through a workforce of devoted librarians and professors who function a type of Night time’s Watch. A few of the archive’s many information are manuscripts for the A Tune of Ice and Hearth novels, and ― as I discovered throughout a travel to Texas over the summer season ― a field containing a manufacturing draft of that painful “Recreation of Thrones” pilot. 

An early version of the pilot script supposedly surfaced on-line years in the past, however the script’s authenticity used to be by no means formally verified. No person gave the impression to understand how an identical it used to be to the rejected pilot that HBO shot or how a lot it differed; scripts steadily undergo quite a lot of rewrites, so the mysterious model floating round on-line will have been from any section of revisions. 

I had 3 days to spend in Texas, nevertheless it took simplest 5 mins to comprehend the script on-line and the only at Cushing are other. There are causes to imagine that the model in Texas is very similar to the pilot script that HBO shot: The manufacturing draft at Cushing is dated Oct. 22, 2009, proper across the time the unaired pilot started filming. The Cushing script credit the unaired pilot’s unique director, Tom McCarthy, who used to be later changed in reshoots through Tim Van Patten. Plus, on the subject of content material, the Cushing script accommodates storylines which were rumored to be within the unaired pilot script (as we’ll get into under) ― key tale departures, discussion alterations and site adjustments that solid the Seven Kingdoms in a distinct gentle.

“Recreation of Thrones” isn’t returning till April 2019, however lovers are already bracing for a final season full of callbacks to early moments within the display, which is able to entire its eight-year “massive jigsaw puzzle,” because it used to be described through Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who performs Jaime Lannister.

Upfront of the season premiere, we exhaustively rummage in the course of the secrets and techniques hidden within the pilot script from Martin’s assortment, involving the whole lot from an unreleased Cersei Lannister second to a actually inebriated Jon Snow creating a scene. Right here’s what Westeros may have gave the impression of if that “piece of shit” pilot had aired:


The Cersei scene that may ruffle some feathers


Let’s start with a defining scene between King Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark within the Winterfell crypts. 

The scene that aired on HBO is quite other from the scene within the Cushing script, however the gist is identical. Robert asks Ned to be his new Hand of the King, a place left open after Jon Arryn’s demise. That’s when Robert puts one thing small however extremely symbolic on a statue of his onetime betrothed, Lyanna Stark: a feather. 

And that just about sums up the series you noticed in Season 1:

However within the script discovered within the Cushing library, Queen Cersei performs a pivotal function on this alternate’s aftermath ― such a lot in order that her involvement would have modified a Season five episode, the hot Season 8 teaser and in all probability extra. 

The next scene is written into the pilot script discovered at Cushing and comes to Cersei visiting the crypts proper prior to the dinner party at Winterfell:

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

Cersei exits the crypts, crosses the courtyard and walks into the antechamber between the kitchen and the Winterfell nice corridor. The party for the king’s arrival is underway, and servants are speeding previous her with meals. The queen’s handmaidens make changes to her outfit and take away her heavy fur.

Then Cersei unearths one thing she has inside of her sleeve:

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

Why does it subject?

The episode that aired on HBO gave no indication that Cersei used to be acutely aware of the feather Robert put on Lyanna’s statue, let by myself that she got rid of it to be burned.

With out this intervention, the feather is going directly to play the most important function in HBO’s contemporary Season 8 “Game of Thrones” teaser, falling to the bottom as Jon Snow walks through and freezing when a wave of chilly air rolls over it.

Even prior to that, the feather used to be featured in Season five, Episode four, “Sons of the Harpy,” when Sansa Stark visits the Winterfell crypts and springs around the token Robert positioned at the statue years in the past.

The collection’ creators, Benioff and Weiss, said the feather’s station within the crypts to Making of Game of Thrones, explaining that, in spite of everything this time, the feather would indubitably nonetheless be there as a result of there “hasn’t been a janitorial team happening and vacuuming.”

“We concept it could be more or less a perfect factor,” they added, “to have Sansa questioning about it.” 

Why Sansa? And why a feather?


In case you’ve been dwelling below a Casterly Rock all your lifestyles, chances are you’ll’ve overlooked the curious function that birds play in “Recreation of Thrones.” There’s Varys’ secret agent community of “little birds,” there’s the Top Sparrow, there’s the 3-Eyed Raven, after which there’s Sansa, who’s steadily known as a “little fowl” or “little dove.” Those characters have a couple of issues in commonplace: They’re misunderstood, underestimated and steadily grasp tough knowledge.

The feather may just trace at how Lyanna, too, used to be a misunderstood personality, some other little fowl. It might additionally function a logo for her secret, her kid, Jon Snow.

Now take into account, within the Season five episode during which the feather reappears, audience nonetheless suppose Lyanna have been abducted and raped through Prince Rhaegar. It hadn’t been published that she and Rhaegar have been if truth be told in love, married and had a toddler — a secret that, together with her loss of life breath, she made her brother Ned promise to stay.

The relationship to Jon is reiterated in that Season 8 teaser when he seems to be again on the feather. May just Cersei’s burning the feather within the scrapped pilot script were a touch at one thing else at the means? Will she do the similar to Jon?

With Dany’s dragons flying round and Cersei having blown up a part of King’s Touchdown with wildfire, it’s now not a lot of a stretch to consider a fiery run-in between Cersei and Jon one day.

The lower feather scene is possibly the primary small trace of Cersei’s penchant for burning her enemies’ “towns to the bottom,” as she likes to mention. Taking into consideration HBO’s “Dragonstone” teaser from overdue in 2018, which presentations a fire engulfing the signature Lannister lion, extra flames are most likely within the Lannisters’ long term. And, simply in all probability, Jon Snow’s.


The a lot more consensual intercourse scene between Dany and Khal Drogo


Probably the most extra really extensive variations between the script at Cushing and the episode that aired on HBO can also be seen within the writing of Daenerys Targaryen’s marriage consummation scene.

Within the Cushing script, Dany has much more keep watch over. She smiles when she realizes Drogo can say simplest the phrase “no” in her language, she is helping him take rings out of his hair and, maximum vital, she in the end concurs to intercourse: 

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

That is a ways from the scene that aired on HBO, during which she cries as he undresses her, then has intercourse together with her from in the back of. The extra consensual framing of the scene is immediately out of Martin’s books, and is the reason why it used to be incorporated in an previous model of the script; the pilot script at Cushing has a tendency to hew nearer to Martin’s phrases.

The model of the scene that aired, then again, is annoying. Daenerys is raped. Her courting with Drogo in the end grows into love, however that doesn’t erase the truth that he raped her — and does so time and time once more.

She addresses those rapes in her first dialog with Jon in Season 7, telling him, “I’ve been shamed and betrayed, raped and defiled. Are you aware what stored me status thru all the ones years in exile? Religion, now not in any gods, now not in myths and legends. In myself, in Daenerys Targaryen.”

Why does it subject?

Regardless that a consensual scene would were much less annoying to observe, Daenerys actress Emilia Clarke spoke about her personality’s rape to Glamour in 2016, explaining some imaginable reasoning in the back of the scene:

On the center of it, we’re telling a tale; you want that a part of the tale to really feel empathy for Daenerys. You spot her attacked through her brother, raped through her husband, after which going, “F―ok all of you, I’m gonna rule the sector.” That’s the place we at the moment are.

A rape scene is rarely essential to construct empathy for Dany’s plight, however as Clarke stated, it underscores the terrors Dany overcame and her transformation from a scared, abused kid into the khaleesi.

Someplace between her rape and her determination to sleep with Jon, aka King of the Squats, in Season 7, an absolutely other Mom of Dragons has emerged.


The a lot more complicated intercourse scene between Jaime and Cersei

After observing the “Recreation of Thrones” premiere on HBO, lovers are neatly mindful that Jaime and Cersei are similar. It’s a beautiful pivotal plot level. Apparently, some of the outstanding opinions lodged towards the unaired pilot used to be that this data wasn’t transparent sufficient. Early audience didn’t know Jaime and Cersei Lannister are brother and sister.

Possibly that’s why a scene that includes the incestuous siblings speaking at King’s Touchdown used to be added to the episode that aired. In it, the 2 principally chat about how very, very similar they’re and the way if someone found out their secret affair, their heads could be on spikes.

“As your brother, I believe it’s my accountability to provide you with a warning, you concern an excessive amount of,” Jaime explicitly states. This scene isn’t within the Cushing pilot script or the script up to now to be had on-line, as io9 points out.

Preserving in thoughts that many audience of the unique pilot didn’t perceive the Lannister twins’ courting, a scene within the script at Cushing would have made it much more sophisticated. (Get out of right here, Bran. You don’t wish to see this.)

In all variations of the pilot, Bran Stark climbs the outside of a tower at Winterfell and occurs upon a window, in which he peeps a unadorned guy and girl (Jaime and Cersei). Within the script at Cushing, then again, the stumble upon reads quite otherwise, with Cersei telling Jaime to forestall:

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

Why does it subject? 

Within the episode that aired, Cersei gadgets to Jaime simplest after she spots Bran inadvertently being a bit of creep within the window.

Against this, in Martin’s guide and the script at Cushing, she protests a lot faster. It’s complicated to Bran and in all probability would’ve been complicated to TV audience too.

Imagine how this scene would have affected Jaime’s triumphant moment in Season 7, when he chooses to stroll clear of a power-hungry Cersei. Till that time, audiences are supposed to imagine he has at all times been below Cersei’s keep watch over; simplest then is he ready to become independent from from her affect. The Cushing model of Jaime and Cersei’s intercourse scene will have made this more difficult to swallow.

In a display riddled with consistent backstabbing, never-ending subplots and such a lot of characters you take into account as What’s His Title and Who’s Her Face, the fewer complicated a scene, the simpler.


The White Walkers who wouldn’t close up

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

The Cushing pilot script opens so much just like the episode that aired: 3 males from the Night time’s Watch are monitoring down wildlings when they’re ambushed through White Walkers. Issues don’t cross neatly.

Within the early pilot script, a kind of males, Will, realizes the our bodies of the useless wildlings have vanished and proceeds to climb a tree to get a greater view. He does this proper prior to the Walkers arrive, and his determination is a lifesaving one. Against this to the aired episode, which presentations a Walker sparing a member of the Watch from demise for some unknown reason why, it’s Will’s place within the tree that forestalls him from being killed at the side of the others.

The White Walkers descend at the different two males, the entire whilst talking a language of ice:

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

Will remains within the tree. He’s going to let this one simply play out.

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

Why does it subject?

At this level, White Walker discussion is definitely documented. It simply hasn’t ever proven up on TV. On the other hand, it’s within the books, it’s referred to through Self-importance Honest author Joanna Robinson after she reviewed numerous “Recreation of Thrones” scripts, it presentations up within the pilot script floating round on-line and it’s additionally in the only from Martin’s assortment at Cushing.

I requested “Game of Thrones” language creator David Peterson concerning the White Walker discussion, which he named Skroth, in a up to now unpublished portion of a 2017 interview.

Reflecting on early plans for the White Walkers to talk, he informed me he at the start put one thing in combination for the outlet scene of the display.

“I got here up with principally some discussion. I recorded it, after which I instructed to them, ‘Right here’s how chances are you’ll adjust it digitally to provide it a singular sound,’” he stated. Peterson sought after the language to sound find it irresistible used to be described in Martin’s books, like “the cracking of ice on a iciness lake.” Regardless that, we consider that might’ve in all probability gave the impression of a White Walker whose mouth is stuffed with pop rocks.

“It didn’t get used for the pilot, after which there used to be dialogue they have been fascinated about the usage of it in Season 2,” he stated. “They stated they attempted it, and it simply wasn’t figuring out, so that they deserted the speculation.”

Peterson despatched me a pre-effects instance of the White Walker discussion, which he up to now performed at conventions and gave us permission to incorporate. Right here’s an early model of what a White Walker would’ve gave the impression of:

On the time, he stated, “Recreation of Thrones” sound dressmaker Paula Fairfield used to be nonetheless hopeful they might use it someday, however that clearly hasn’t happened.

It’s now not the one language casualty. Peterson stated he created a complete language for the Kids of the Wooded area in Season 6, however for various causes (a need to steer clear of the will for subtitles throughout motion sequences, stunt folks having problem with their traces), they “have been both lower or shortened, and they all have been became English.”

“It used to be an concept. They attempted it. It simply didn’t paintings,” he stated.


The time Jon Snow were given wasted


Within the “Recreation of Thrones” pilot that aired, Jon does now not make an look within the memorable nice corridor scene. As a substitute, he remains outdoor, heeding Catelyn Stark’s needs that Jon — who she and virtually everybody else believes is Ned’s bastard son — now not be provide.

However within the pilot script at Cushing, he sits inside of. He’s now not on the highborn desk, however he manages to have a drunken dialog with Benjen Stark within the nice corridor anyway.

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

Our man is left by myself to drink extra wine and in the end reasons a scene:

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

The scene within the Cushing pilot script is sort of precisely the similar because the scene in Martin’s novel A Recreation of Thrones. From the guide:

He will have to have inebriated extra wine than he had learned. His ft were given tangled below him as he attempted to go away, and he lurched sideways right into a serving woman and despatched a flagon of spiced wine crashing to the ground. Laughter boomed throughout him. 

Past the exclusion of Snow’s drunken escapade, the Cushing model of the series used to be tremendously rearranged to shape the scenes that aired on HBO. For instance, within the episode that aired, the war of words between Ned and Jaime within the nice corridor ends after Ned says, “I don’t struggle in tournaments as a result of after I struggle a person for actual, I don’t need him to understand what I will be able to do.”

Jaime replies, “Neatly stated.”

However within the Cushing pilot script, in addition to the one who has been on-line, the instant continues lengthy sufficient for Jaime to remind Ned of the way his brother and father have been killed:

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

A flashback of Ned’s brother Brandon being killed additionally purportedly existed in an early model of the filmed pilot (a screenshot exists online), however this isn’t incorporated within the script at Cushing (despite the fact that it would have are compatible in round this dialog). 

The Cushing model of the scene is going even additional, with Ned leaving and Tyrion, who overheard the whole lot, telling Jaime, “If it got here all the way down to it, Brother, I’d guess on you ― however I wouldn’t guess a lot.” Tyrion then downs some other tankard of wine, realizes he drank an excessive amount of, staggers out of the corridor and in the end talks to Jon outdoor.

Why does it subject?

Whilst it could’ve been amusing to peer the longer term King within the North get shitfaced (you understand not anything about preserving your alcohol, Jon Snow), it’s such a lot additional personality interplay to digest that you might want to be left feeling as dizzy as Tyrion. 

There are a couple of moments which might be actually vital from the Winterfell dinner party scenes, and Jon’s conversations with Tyrion and Benjen are at the leading edge. The dialog with Tyrion is referred to in Season 7, when Tyrion writes Jon a letter that incorporates “All dwarves are bastards in their father’s eyes.” It’s a line Tyrion says of their first chat, and it apparently convinces Jon he’ll be protected when he travels to peer Daenerys.

After all, with Benjen he talks about going to serve within the Night time’s Watch on the Wall, which he obviously does after which lives luckily ever after. 

The opposite personality interactions, whilst entertaining, will have distracted from the in point of fact vital moments, so let’s all pour one out for Jon’s long-lost wasted scene.


The unusual Catelyn who sought after Sansa to be queen

Catelyn and Daenerys have been at the start performed through other actors — Jennifer Ehle and Tamzin Service provider, respectively. Sooner than Michelle Fairley took at the function of Catelyn, the nature’s character used to be so much other too.

For instance, in a bed room scene within the pilot script, Catelyn urges Ned to just accept Robert’s be offering of betrothal between Joffrey and Sansa and to move south with the king.

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

Maester Luwin then enters with the word from her sister Lysa, announcing that the Lannisters murdered her husband, Jon Arryn. Ned has no selection however to soak up his outdated pal Robert’s request to be the brand new Hand of the King and cross to King’s Touchdown to determine what’s happening.

Within the episode that aired, then again, Catelyn urges Ned to stick within the North, claiming that she’ll confront Robert and inform him, “Pay attention, fats guy. You don’t seem to be taking my husband anyplace. He belongs to me now.”

You inform ’em, Cat.

Why does it subject?

Relating to the variations between the pilot script at Cushing and the episode that aired, Catelyn is my pick out for many advanced personality. Benioff and Weiss have been sensible to comprehend that lovers have pages and pages to get to understand the Catelyn within the books however just a few scenes to get to understand her at the display. The Cushing script may have made Catelyn appear a bit of identify obsessed, like Season 1 Sansa, who used to be, objectively, the worst.

Simply ask Season 1 Arya Stark.

As a substitute, the showrunners selected to lean into the picture of the Stark matriarch as a protecting mom and spouse who would later fend off an murderer as a way to save her injured Bran.

It’s additionally price noting that once studying Lysa’s letter within the Cushing script, Catelyn says to Ned:

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

Within the episode that aired, Catelyn stops after announcing Jon Arryn used to be murdered through the Lannisters. She doesn’t say, “Through the queen.”

John Status, the actor who performs the dearly departed Jon Arryn, as soon as stated the unique pilot incorporated a “lunatic” scene in which Cersei watches his character die. Regardless that this scene isn’t incorporated within the script at Cushing, a line about Jon Arryn being killed through the queen paves the best way for the bit to were added later.


The time Joffrey Baratheon, First of his Title, used to be a jerk from the beginning

Lena Vargas Afanasieva for HuffPost

When “Recreation of Thrones” starts, you don’t understand Joffrey is somewhat as turdish as he’s till Episode 2, when Tyrion slaps him foolish for now not going to the Starks to supply sympathies after Bran’s fall. However within the pilot script at Cushing, you get the impact that Joffrey is a strolling, speaking pile of human excrement straight away.

At a coaching consultation between the Lannisters and Starks, Bran has simply completed pummeling Tommen Baratheon with a picket sword, and Ser Rodrik, Winterfell’s master-at-arms, asks Robb Stark and Joffrey in the event that they’d like to move some other spherical. Robb’s in, however Joffrey complains that he’s “uninterested in swatting at Starks with a play sword.” He suggests “reside metal,” and Rodrik is not cool with that.

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

Whilst the pilot script offers Robb this early interplay with Joffrey, it omits many different scenes that made their option to air — the Winterfell scene the place Bran is learning archery along with his circle of relatives, the scene during which Sansa and Arya are training their sewing, the scene during which Sansa begs Catelyn to let her go to King’s Landing and the notorious shaving scene during which the Stark boys stand around shirtless and flexing.

Why does it subject?

The Joffrey second will have added rigidity later within the collection — for example, throughout the War of the Five Kings skit at Joffrey’s wedding ceremony, which options any person driving round with a wolf’s head to constitute the decapitated Robb. However it sort of feels most likely that some minor scenes like this have been lower in an effort to make room for extra important moments, equivalent to getting to understand the Starks. And, frankly, extra Starks and not more Joffrey feels like a profitable system, bare-chested flexing and all.

The overall takeaways

Along with the lower scenes, there have been somewhat a couple of refined variations between the script to be had on-line and the only from Martin’s legitimate assortment in Texas. Within the model on-line, Tyrion pets the Stark direwolf Ghost, his brothel scene takes position at King’s Touchdown (now not within the North), and there’s an extended scene supposed to explain a now-discarded identify series.

However none of this occurs within the script on the Cushing library. (In truth, so far as the credit cross, the script there describes a gap series with simply the phrases “TITLE CARD: GAME OF THRONES.”)

There are some much less important however a laugh main points sandwiched into the script at Cushing too. Ned, who’s concerning the grimmest dude round, makes a funny story within the crypts:

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M College

The road used to be taken out and given to Jaime in Season 1, Episode three: 

Quite a lot of capturing places modified as neatly. As an example, Dany’s wedding ceremony used to be at the start filmed in Morocco and featured a cameo from Martin himself as a Pentoshi (one thing that will have simply are compatible into the Cushing script, because it mentions “Traders of Pentos” accumulated for the rite). On the other hand, when Clarke used to be introduced in because the substitute Daenerys, the subplot used to be altered and reshot in Malta.

The Cushing script by myself doesn’t expose precisely why the unique pilot used to be this type of “massive problem,” as Mazin put it. Kit Harington, who performs Jon Snow, touched on that version’s “mistakes,” telling The Parent, “It didn’t glance proper, didn’t really feel proper.” The satan is most likely within the scene execution main points, which we may by no means see, despite the fact that he stated the showrunners would threaten to free up the pilot on YouTube when he pissed them off. Possibly the early inebriated scenes weren’t the King within the North’s greatest hour.

Nonetheless, studying the script at Cushing, I were given a way of the way even small adjustments would have ended in a hugely other display. Probably the most attention-grabbing sides for me ― a second that may’ve modified the best way some long term “Recreation of Thrones” scenes spread and added some foreshadowing ― used to be Cersei’s lower scene. Because the adage is going, the place there’s smoke, there’s … Cersei seeking to gentle one thing on fireplace.

The scenes illustrated through Lena Vargas Afanasieva don’t seem to be supposed to be actual depictions of the scripted sequences.

Further reporting through Leigh Blickley and Sara Boboltz.

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