6 Surprising Things That Can Happen When You Have An Orgasm

Orgasm. The Large O. Climax. Coming. Getting off. Ejaculation. We will have other phrases for it, however we will be able to agree on something: Orgasms may also be significantly pleasurable. 

For many of us, the orgasm procedure is pleasant however somewhat predictable: There’s the accumulation, the ones toe-curling contractions, adopted via a sense of well-being and leisure. However sometimes, some sudden stuff can happen, like surprising complications, sneezing or crying. (The reasons of a few of these phenomena are nonetheless a little bit of a thriller as a result of there isn’t a ton of data on orgasms. And the information researchers do have is according to small sample sizes.)

Underneath are simply among the unexpected issues that may occur in case you have an orgasm. Some are uncommon, and others are extra not unusual, however all are a reminder that our our bodies are curious issues. 

1. Chances are you’ll get a headache 

A burst of enjoyment after which — ugh — the ache of a splitting headache. Publish-orgasm complications are extra not unusual in males and amongst individuals who be afflicted by migraines, according to the Mayo Clinic. These types of complications closing only a few mins, however they are able to persist so long as a couple of hours and even a few days. 

“Whilst some other people document a lifeless pain that will increase as they get aroused, the general public [who experience this] document a critical and surprising headache simply prior to or throughout orgasm,” Laurie Mintz, the creator of Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters—And How to Get It, advised HuffPost. 

It’s no longer completely understood why those complications occur, even though some mavens consider it has to do with a spike in adrenaline coursing through the body throughout intercourse.

Maximum intercourse complications are not anything to fret about, however in some instances, they might level to an underlying factor ― particularly in case you’re additionally experiencing symptoms such as vomiting and neck stiffness. So it’s very best to test with a physician to rule out one thing extra severe.

2. Chances are you’ll cry 

You’re basking in that post-orgasm glow, after which abruptly tears are streaming down your face. What offers? Mavens aren’t moderately positive why this occurs however say it’s no longer unexpected, given the entire mental and physiological adjustments that occur throughout intercourse. And you’ll be able to leisure confident realizing that it’s somewhat not unusual.

“That is referred to as postcoital dysphoria,” intercourse therapist Vanessa Marin advised HuffPost. “An excellent selection of other people document feeling unhappy, crushed, tearful or emotional after an orgasm.”

Those that get teary after intercourse may well be involved it’s an indication of an underlying factor within the dating with their spouse, however that’s no longer essentially true. 

“This happens maximum continuously within the context of shut and loving relationships and is in reality associated with glad feelings,” Mintz stated. “Nonetheless, if it occurs to you and you watched one more reason ― such as you aren’t in reality glad on your dating ― it’s a good suggestion to type this out with a confidant or a therapist.”

Some survivors of sexual trauma may experience postcoital dysphoria, even after excellent intercourse. 

“It’s additionally price it to talk to a therapist in case you continuously to find your self having emotions of disgrace, guilt or unhappiness following intercourse,” psychologist and intercourse therapist Rachel Needle advised Bustle. “[A therapist] can paintings against working out those emotions and the place they’re coming from.”

three. Chances are you’ll really feel completely euphoric

It’s no secret: Orgasms generally feel pretty great. However for positive other people, the certain post-sex emotions are specifically heightened. 

“For some other people, the euphoric emotions appear extra-intense,” Marin stated. “Their temper is very much stepped forward, they really feel extra certain, and their vanity is increased. Once more, we don’t moderately know why orgasms can cause such other reactions in numerous other people.” 

four. Chances are you’ll sneeze.

Ah-ah-ah … choo? Researchers aren’t moderately positive why sneezing and having an orgasm are connected for some other people, however they speculate it could must do with crossed wires in the autonomic nervous system, which is liable for reflexes reminiscent of sneezing, in addition to sexual arousal

“We nonetheless don’t know,” Dr. Mahmood Bhutta ― an ear, nostril and throat surgeon who studied the phenomenontold Splinter. “Sure purposes which might be computerized get a little bit at a loss for words within the mind.”

five. You could have shaky legs 

Some girls document leg shaking after they have got an orgasm. All through climax, tension builds around our muscles, and no longer simply the ones within the genital house. When intercourse is over and the strain is launched, some cramping, shaking or contractions can happen. If this occurs to you, take a look at consuming water and consuming one thing with potassium, like a banana, avocado or yogurt

“Know what your commonplace is, and in case your legs do shake, you’ll want to hydrate,” OB/GYN Jessica Williams advised ShareCare.com. “And feature a laugh!” 

6. Chances are you’ll really feel as in case you’re coming down with the flu 

Publish-orgasmic sickness syndrome (POIS) is an extraordinary situation through which males enjoy flu-like signs reminiscent of a fever, fatigue and nasal congestion after ejaculation. 

No longer a lot is understood about what reasons POIS, however some researchers assume it may well be associated with an autoimmune disorder or allergy to semen, in step with the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center.

A research review from Tulane University famous that POIS “negatively impacts the lifetime of sufferers via restricting sexual encounters, dampening romantic potentialities, growing interior struggles to steer clear of eroticism, and affecting sufferers’ schedules.” 

The Global Society of Sexual Drugs recommends visiting a doctor in case you enjoy flu-like signs after an orgasm. 

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