Ex-NASA Engineer's Fart-Laced 'Glitter Bomb' Stuns Package Thieves

All that glitters isn’t gold for package deal thieves in the event that they run afoul of Mark Rober’s booby-trapped instrument.

Rober, a former NASA engineer who worked on the Curiosity rover, put his smarts to a extra earthly worry just lately: preventing jerks who pilfer vacation package deal deliveries.

Rober, himself a sufferer, spent six months growing a baited field that blasts glitter and fart spray on would-be thieves once they open their marvel. The instrument additionally takes cellular phone video of the culprits, uploads the pictures to the cloud and will also be tracked through GPS. 

Rober’s viral YouTube video, posted Monday, covers the advance of his suave bins of whoop-ass, however the most productive phase is observing them detonate on actual suspects. The most typical response used to be: “What the fuck!?”

“The ethical of the tale is, simply don’t take different peoples’ stuff,” Rober stated. “No longer handiest is it now not cool, however at the plus facet you’ll by no means to find your self on this scenario.”

Different ticked-off sufferers have used glitter-loaded theft deterrents, however the high-tech touches Rober unleashed on those grinches are a must-see.

Watch the video above. 

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