Video Offers Glimpse Into What The Thai Cave Rescue Was Like

Video Offers Glimpse Into What The Thai Cave Rescue Was Like

A newly launched video via Thailand’s Military SEALs presented a glimpse into the harrowing weekslong effort to rescue 12 Thai boys and their football trainer that came to an end on Tuesday.

The seven-minute lengthy video posted to Facebook on Wednesday presentations employees dressed in scuba equipment and headlamps moderately traversing the rocky cave’s pitch black confines to succeed in the football crew participants who turned into trapped via heavy rain on June 23.

When the rescuers emerge, they may be able to be observed sporting stretchers that seem to be supporting the lads who’re wrapped in metal area blankets.

The men, between 11 and 16, and their 25-year-old trainer were on a crew trek once they had been trapped within the Tham Luang Cave after rain started filling the doorway. Not able to get again out, they found refuge in a small chamber more or less 2.five miles from the doorway.

After days of looking out, the lads had been discovered via scuba divers who ultimately started evacuating the crew participants out of the cave, one after the other.

That dramatic rescue operation, which reportedly may become a movie, value one Military SEAL, Saman Gunan, his existence after he perished while placing oxygen tanks within the cave.

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