Sia Releases A Nude Photo Of Herself Before A Creep Can Sell It

Sia Releases A Nude Photo Of Herself Before A Creep Can Sell It

Sia does no longer have time for someone’s nonsense. 

The singer launched a nude photo of herself on Twitter on Monday after seeing that any person used to be making an attempt to promote the image to her lovers. Sia obviously used to be no longer conscious about the photograph being taken, because it used to be taken from afar and along with her again to the digicam.

Sia launched a screenshot of the “shopper preview” watermarked photograph at the side of the vendor’s (poorly written) be offering.

“If you’re making the acquisition it is going to be unblurred and also you obtain and further 14 photographs,” the message reads.

Now not one to let her lovers get swindled, Sia simply posted the photograph herself for her lovers.

“Any individual is it appears seeking to promote bare pictures of me to my lovers,” Sia wrote. “Save your cash, right here it’s without spending a dime. On a regular basis is Christmas!”

HuffPost is exhibiting just a portion of Sia’s NSFW tweet.

This wouldn’t be the primary time bare pictures of a celeb have been leaked or up on the market. In 2014, a lot of nude photographs have been launched of celebrities together with Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton in a large hack of Apple’s iCloud carrier. Many commenters have been unsympathetic to the sufferers, claiming that ladies shouldn’t take nude pictures in the event that they don’t be expecting for them to be noticed.

Lawrence known as the placement a contravention and a intercourse crime.

“Simply the truth that any individual will also be sexually exploited and violated, and the primary concept that crosses any individual’s thoughts is to make a benefit from it,” Lawrence instructed Self-importance Honest. “It’s so past me. I simply can’t believe being that indifferent from humanity.”

Sia temporarily earned the overpowering reward of her lovers for being so daring in posting her pictures. 

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