How Kevin Spacey Defamed All Gay and Bisexual Men By Coming Out

How Kevin Spacey Defamed All Gay and Bisexual Men By Coming Out

Let’s depend the tactics Kevin Spacey defamed all homosexual and bisexual males by means of popping out of the closet in a tweet remaining night time. 

After which, we’ll have a look at how the closet and tool corrupts, turning a person’s self-loathing right into a weapon in opposition to a whole neighborhood. When it comes to Kevin Spacey, that now has the possible to do horrible harm. 

Defamation no. 1:  Gays = predators and sexual abusers: After years of rumors and refusing to reply to the query about his sexual orientation, Spacey most effective got here out after being accused of sexually abusing a then-14-year-old actor, Anthony Rapp, who came forward on Sunday to Buzzfeed News about a 1986 incident which Spacey didn’t even deny. Spacey used popping out, bizarrely, as a canopy. It used to be a egocentric try to distract and search sympathy. By means of doing so he conflates being homosexual with sexually abusing kids, the hideous homophobic lie perpetrated by means of anti-LGBTQ extremists.

Defamation no. 2: Gays’ sex-crazed impulses are fueled additional by means of medication and alcohol:  Spacey provides the excuse of being under the influence of alcohol for what he says would possibly or won’t have came about ― what he calls “deeply irrelevant drunken habits” ― as though being under the influence of alcohol and homosexual results in sexual predation. 

Defamation no. three: Bisexuality, as an id, doesn’t exist: Spacey negates bisexuality by means of announcing he has had relationships with women and men ― we don’t have any thought whether or not that is true or now not, and we don’t have any reason why to imagine anything else this guy says ― however then is going on to spot as homosexual. With the exception of…

Defamation no. four: Homosexuality is a decision: …he didn’t if truth be told determine as homosexual however moderately mentioned, “I make a selection now to reside as a homosexual guy.” Once more, that is the language of the enemies of LGBTQ equality, who declare homosexuality is a decision. By means of striking that concept forth as a public determine Spacey offers ammunition to the Christian proper at a time when Donald Trump and Mike Pence have declared war on LGBTQ rights on behalf in their extremist evangelical supporters.

Defamation no. five: Gays are liars and manipulators who will do anything else to hide up their unsightly habits:  Spacey makes all homosexual males now not most effective seem to be sexual predators ― once more, the unsightly lie perpetrated by means of hate groups like the Family Research Council ― however he makes all homosexual males out to be manipulators and con artists who will do no matter imaginable to hide up horrendous habits. In what seems to be a preemptive strike in opposition to any more accusations surfacing, Spacey alludes to different “tales in the market about me which were fueled by means of the truth that I’ve been so protecting of my privateness.” Right here, Spacey is trying to negate any long term tales, and framed them as made up by means of those that are supposedly so hellbent on putting off his “privateness” that they’re going to fabricate tales. That is laughable, and it’s clear to the enemies of LGBTQ equality, as neatly.

Kevin Spacey is motivated by means of internalized homophobia, which has saved him within the closet a lot of these years, blowing up in his thoughts the ramifications for him if he got here out.

He has angrily attacked somebody who has raised the query, even nowadays when such a lot of people who’re queer see not anything fallacious with asking about it. When brazenly homosexual creator Kevin Sessums asked about Spacey’s sexual orientation back in 2010 in an interview in the Daily Beast, Spacey lashed out, atttacking Sessums for even elevating the problem and equating even asking the query (of a privileged, rich, white male actor) with bullying of LGBT formative years ― bullying that has resulted in suicide. This used to be now not most effective ridiculous; it used to be an outrageous insult to all LGBTQ formative years who’ve been bullied and to those that’ve taken their very own lives: 

And I don’t perceive individuals who say, “Neatly, this can be a horrible factor that is going on to this younger individual whose lifestyles is being uncovered,” after which flip round and do it to someone else. Other folks have other causes for the way in which they reside their lives. You can’t put everybody’s causes in the similar field. It’s only a line I’ve by no means crossed and not will.

Spacey and plenty of different influential and robust people who are closeted have steadily achieved harm as a result of they ship a message that being homosexual is shameful. And, for some, the flamable mixture of the closet and tool will also be bad.

The closet itself warps their considering and their judgement, as they change into ate up by means of their secret and doing no matter it takes to stay it. Despite the fact that it’s now not at all times the case ― and we’ve noticed robust public figures pop out proudly when the time is true for them, after which do tremendously sure issues ― the closet, if saved closed for see you later, can corrupt their lives and the lives of many round them who glance the wrong way in their corruptive habits.

And as I discussed at length last week, having a look on the overdue rich person Malcolm Forbes, the overdue Hollywood manufacturer Merv Griffin and an unnamed Washington DC baby-kisser, closeted, robust homosexual and bisexual males can steadily have interaction in sexual harassment and predatory habits, and steadily within the place of job. They’re trapped by means of their self-imposed closet, now not in a position to move out publicly to fulfill homosexual other folks. And but they’re in a position use their energy to prey upon the ones ― every so often closeted homosexual males themselves ― who paintings for them.

Any individual like Spacey, so gripped with self-hate, has little worry in regards to the greater LGBTQ neighborhood and obviously doesn’t possess an consciousness for the way his reaction to Rapp would defame it. And that’s why ― as so many thankfully have done, particularly among other celebrities and public figures ― he should be challenged loudly and forcefully.

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