Google’s Cheeseburger Emoji Has One MAJOR Flaw

Google's Cheeseburger Emoji Has One MAJOR Flaw

However Twitter customers spotted over the weekend that there’s one thing very mistaken with Google’s cheeseburger emoji. Fortuitously, the corporate’s CEO spotted as neatly and promised to do something positive about it.

Media analyst and creator Thomas Baekdal first introduced consideration to the egregious error on Saturday. 

“I feel we want to have a dialogue about how Google’s burger emoji is putting the cheese beneath the burger, whilst Apple places it on best,” he tweeted, together with a photograph of the 2 different-looking cheeseburgers. 

Fortuitously, Google CEO Sundar Pichai noticed Baekdal’s viral tweet concerning the improper cheese placement and promised to deal with it very first thing on Monday ― so long as everybody may agree on the right kind stacking order of a hamburger. 

Pichai’s tweet resulted in a large number of very opinionated cheeseburger developers: 

Tacky, to mention the least. 

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