A Year After Bhopal Jail Break And Encounter Deaths Of 8 SIMI Activists, Loopholes Remain In Probe, Say Lawyers

A Year After Bhopal Jail Break And Encounter Deaths Of 8 SIMI Activists, Loopholes Remain In Probe, Say Lawyers

A 12 months after 8 SIMI activists escaped from the Bhopal Central Jail and have been killed in a next come across, attorneys representing the relatives of the ones killed have mentioned that different questions surrounding the come across nonetheless stay unanswered. They mentioned that they’re going to take the next move of felony recourse when they obtain the respectable document of the inquiry fee.

“The fee did not permit cross-examination of the prosecution’s witnesses and (cross-examination of) the articles that have been offered sooner than the panel,” mentioned Deepchand Yadav, senior attorney on Monday.

“Neither the keys that have been supposedly made through toothbrushes to open the locks of the ISO qualified high-security prison, have been proven sooner than fee, nor the sheets that have been used to make ladders and scale the partitions have been offered. We weren’t even taken alongside through the panel all through spot exam”, he added.

Senior attorney Syed Sajid Ali mentioned that there were grievances with the administration, as info have been suppressed or even the fee did not go away scope for equivalent alternative.

“There are masses of locks in prison which are modified day-to-day on rotation foundation and entries are made in registers. The prisoners do not know which lock could be put in through which cellular or barrack, but, the keys have been made.”

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi
At the left is Deepchand Yadav, attorney. At the proper is Syed Sajid Ali.

Casting doubts at the police idea, Ali mentioned, “Within the (Bhopal) Central Prison, it isn’t conceivable to open a lock from within the cellular. However as in step with the account of the police, 8 individuals made keys, opened the locks, got here out of cells, controlled to wreck out of barrack too, walked handed all safety without a digicam functioning that day, and scaled the partitions.”

Elevating additional questions at the come across, Ali puzzled how the 8 males allegedly killed one guard whilst leaving the opposite unhurt after which dressed up, shaved and coated simply 10 kms in 8 hours and then they have been shot lifeless.

“Now we have come to understand throughout the media that the probe through justice (retired) SK Pandey Fee has given a clean-chit to management. As soon as the document is tabled within the Meeting and we get it, we will be able to problem it within the excessive courtroom”, he mentioned.

The attorneys have claimed that there are lots of loopholes within the investigation — starting from contradictions in variations given through officers of the escapees being armed or unarmed and at the restoration of guns. “After the come across, media individuals had reached spot however no weapon used to be to be discovered, but later within the night time the police had unexpectedly claimed that guns have been discovered at the spot.”

“They have been all killed in cold-blood, shot in higher a part of frame and no policemen had any bullet damage.”

“How can there be an excellent probe when officials stay on the similar publish. IG Yogesh Chaudhary remains to be heading Bhopal vary. He used to be no longer shifted. Additionally it is peculiar that the police killed all of the 8 individuals, even pumping bullets into the injured as photos printed. If even one particular person used to be stuck alive, we might have come to know the way the jailbreak came about however they have been all killed in cold-blood, shot in higher a part of frame and no policemen had any bullet damage”, Ali added.

The lawyers claimed that the encounter was fake, until proved in a different way. They insisted that info about come across have been stored hidden through management and the reality should be introduced out in public.

They mentioned that the individuals killed weren’t convicted in any terror case and that felony battle would proceed – the police officers occupied with it might be made accused thru submitting a personal grievance in courtroom, therefore.

The come across had taken position at the night time of October 31, 2016. The state govt had appointed a one-member inquiry fee that has submitted its report back to the federal government.

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